City of 10,000 Buddhas

Find where the flower patches and tree groves are in the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas!

[AO-S] Administration Office, south

Roses (genus)

[BH-NE] Buddha Hall, northeast corner

Peonies (genus)
Sunflowers (genus)

[BH-NW] Buddha Hall, northwest corner

Orchid Rockrose

[BH-S] Buddha Hall, south

Oriental Arborvitae

[BH-SE] Buddha Hall, southeast corner

Seaside Daisy

[BH-SW] Buddha Hall, southwest corner

Southern Magnolia

[BODHI-E] Bodhi House, east


[DH-S] Dining Hall, south

Common Agapanthus

[DH-SW] Dining Hall, southwest

Coppertips (genus)
Japanese Maple Tree

[GES-N] Girls Elementary School, north

Hydrangeas (cont.)
Forget-me-nots (genus)

[GES-S] Girls Elementary School, south

Red Hot Poker
Japanese Honeysuckle
Baby Sage
Loquat Tree

[GES-W] Girls Elementary School, west

Yellow Daylily

[GHS-BR] Girls High School Brick Wall


[GHS-NE] Girls High School, northeast

Hydrangeas (genus)
Japanese Cheesewood

[GHS-NW] Girls High School, northwest


[GHS-SE] Girls High School, southeast

Soap Aloe

[GHS-SW] Girls High School, southwest

Sweet Alyssum
Rose-scented Geranium
Chameleon Plant
English Primrose
Pacific Bleeding Heart
Common Snapdragon
Santa Barbara Daisy
Wax Begonia
Columbines (genus)
Peruvian Lilies (genus)

[JGH-S] Joyous Giving House, south

California Poppy

[JK-S] Jyun Kang Restaurant, south


[JK-W] Jyun Kang Restaurant, west

Walnut Trees (genus)

[NDRBU] New DRBU Building, potted plants

Common Asparagus Fern
Snake Plant
Maidenhair Ferns (genus)

[ODRBU-SE] Old DRBU Building, southeast


[ODRBU-SW] Old DRBU Building, southwest

Pride of Madeira
Fortnight Lily

[ODRBU-W] Old DRBU Building, west

Belladonna Lily

[PALM-I] Palm Tree island

Pink Evening Primrose

[POND] Pond, west of Buddha Hall

Calla Lily
Lotuses (genus)

[POND-S] Lotus Pond, south [Bodhi House path]

Star Jasmine
Lavender (genus)

[TENT-N] Big Tent, north

Crapemyrtles (genus)

[TENT-NE] Big Tent, northeast

Crimson Bottlebrush
Lindheimer’s Beeblossom

[TENT-NW] Big Tent, northwest

Ginkgo Tree