Scientific name: Lagerstroemia (genus)

Fact Box:

  • Order: Myrtales
  • Family: Lythraceae
  • Genus: Lagerstroemia


The long-blooming ornamental plants of the genus Lagerstroemia are trees or shrubs, named by Carl Linnaeus after his friend Magnus von Lagerström. Vivid red, vibrant magenta, delicate white, pale pink, or rich purple flowers grace the branches of these trees.

Natives of Asia and Oceania, species of crapemyrtles include the common crapemyrtle, Japanese crapemyrtle, the Pride of India, Thai crapemyrtle, and Guava crapemyrtle.


One industry that uses the crapemyrtle is the woodworking industry. Boats and canoes can be created from crapemyrtle wood, as can crates, furniture, floors, veneers, and beams.


The crapemyrtle, particularly one species of the crapemyrtle called Lagerstroemia indica, is associated with the American South because it thrives there, though it is native to Southeast and East Asia.

The common crapemyrtle came to the American South from England, where it had not been thriving because of the cold climate. Once in the South, the tree flourished and is now an iconic Southern tree.

Crapemyrtle trees bloom in the summer but last until autumn.