Common Snapdragon

Scientific name: Antirrhinum majus

Fact Box:

  • Order: Lamiales
  • Family: Plantaginaceae
  • Genus: Antirrhinum
  • Species: A. majus


Behind the school, a cluster of showy snapdragons grows, blooming in four colors: crimson red, tiger orange, neon yellow, and taffy pink. Part of Plantaginaceae, or the plantain family, snapdragons are native to the Mediterranean region.

Crimson red common snapdragon
Tiger orange common snapdragon
Neon yellow common snapdragon
Taffy pink common snapdragon


Besides brightening the garden with warm hues, the plants are deer-resistant, meaning that they are not part of a deer’s preferred diet. Since deer often wander behind the school, most of the flowers planted there are deer-resistant, such as the calla lily, soap aloe, red hot poker, sweet alyssum, and pink-sorrel.

The name snapdragon refers to the snapping motion (demonstration) of the flower when you pinch it and the appearance of the flower, which can be described as a dragon’s snout. A poultice, or moist mass, of the snapdragon plant also has medicinal properties, like curing a minor burn or reducing a fever.