Maidenhair Ferns

Scientific Name: Adiantum (genus)

Fact Box:

  • Order: Polypodiales
  • Family: Pteridaceae
  • Genus: Adiantum


With dark-colored stems and graceful, fan-shaped leaves, maidenhair ferns have a special property — the leaves are water-repellant. In fact, the scientific name Adiantum, is from Greek for “untouched by water.” Although these plants have specific conditions for growth such as high humidity and temperature, maidenhair ferns can even be seen growing on rocky cliffs or in cracks on rocks, as long as there is water.


Medicinal: The leaves of this fern have many uses, from treating hair loss to being beneficial to the respiratory system. Maidenhair ferns also contain antioxidants and aid the recovery of wounds or swelling.

Other: Often grown indoors as an ornamental plant, maidenhair ferns can flourish if given the correct care. It is known to be very “picky” about how it is treated, needing just the right amount of water, light, heat, and moisture.

Maidenhair fern can even grow on rocky walls. (Source: Wikimedia Commons, no changes made)