These are some of the resources we have used in our botanical journey.

If you are interested in learning more about botany, specific plants, or growing plants, these are great places to start.


Peterson Field Guides

We like to carry one of these informative green books (Pacific States Wildflowers!) with us when identifying plants. Full of visuals and helpful identification catalogs.


Various state-specific/county-specific wildlife sites

Calfora | California Department of Fish and Wildlife

University sites

UC Botanical Garden site | Texas’s Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Plant-specific sites

The Cyclamen Society | World Of Succulents | International Lilac Society | The American Peony Society | American Conifer Society

Dave’s Garden
So many details about different plant species within a family or genus! Besides botanical topics, also information on birds and other garden creatures. A real gem.

The Spruce
Such a lovely website! With cute graphics, clear layouts, and detailed information, this site is great for conducting research on plants.

Integrated Taxonomic Information System
This database helps us distinguish the taxonomy of each plant.