Myrtle Spurge

Scientific name: Euphorbia myrsinites

Fact Box:

  • Order: Malpighiales
  • Family: Euphorbiaceae
  • Genus: Euphorbia
  • Species: E. myrsinites


A popular xeriscaping plant, myrtle spurge is a perennial succulent with bluish-gray leaves arranged in spirals. Its sprawling stems can grow to be over a foot long, and in the spring, clusters of tiny yellowish-green flowers— and occasional peach-colored ones— pop up above green bracts.


Although myrtle spurge looks spectacular in rock gardens, it is an aggressive spreader and considered a noxious weed in some areas. In fact, it is illegal to cultivate Euphorbia myrsinites in Colorado! Furthermore, myrtle spurge is mildly toxic when consumed and contains an irritating latex that should be kept away from the eyes and skin. Make sure to wear protective gloves when handling the myrtle spurge!