Wax Begonia

Scientific name: Begonia cucullata or Begonia semperflorens

Fact Box:

  • Order: Cucurbitales
  • Family: Begoniaceae
  • Genus: Begonia
  • Species: B. cucullata


Known for being a long-lasting and popular ground cover plant, the wax begonia is, interestingly, in the same order as pumpkins! Waxy green or bronze leaves contrast against blooms ranging from bright crimson to soft pink and white.

Native to countries of South America, wax begonias prefer a warm climate with bright sunlight. These edible flowers are used as both an outdoor and indoor plant, and produce a large quantity of tiny seeds. Wax begonias are also deer-resistant.


Wax begonias may be found under several names: Begonia culcullata, Begonia semperflorens, and the Semplerflorens-cultorum group. An abundance of hybrids and cultivars were bred from the original culcullata species, and they came to be called the Semplerflorens-cultorum group collectively. The semperflorens refers to its long blooming period, with “semper” meaning “always.”

Pink begonias (Source: Needpix)