About the Authors

Hey there! This site is a collaboration between us — two amateur botanists who are coincidentally sisters. Based in hilly Northern California, we are blessed with a panoply of plant-life around us. From redwoods to roses, palms to peonies, sycamores to succulents, so much nature can be explored here, just outside our doorstep — same goes for you, too, if you look closely!

We’re spending the majority of our summer (2019) documenting the species of plants in the quaint City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. To learn more about this neighborhood, view images here, here, and here, and website here.

The idea for this website emerged in April 2019 when we raised calla lilies at school. We also noticed the gorgeous garden behind the school in the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Finding a plant guide in the library, we flipped through the book to try to find a cluster of white flowers growing in the garden. After wrongly identifying the plant as lyre-leaved rock cress, we realized that it was sweet alyssum instead. In this way, our botanical journey began.

Schoolyard garden with varicolored blooms, flower carpets, and verdant bushes.