Hello! This is a site about plants, wild or cultivated. The kingdom of Plantae — like flowers, grasses, and trees — fascinates us. We created this site in May 2019 to teach ourselves about plants, such as their name origins and native regions, as well as share the knowledge to other enthusiasts. Our botanical journey began in the cultivated landscapes of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. We hope you join us as we demystify the intriguing world of plants!

Discover our collection of plants (plants we have studied and photographed) through our daily summer blog, use maps to find plant locations, and learn how to identify plants with our original visuals.


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Calla Lily
Soap Aloe
Red Hot Poker
Sweet Alyssum

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Camellias (2013-2014)


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Explore a type of flower each day on our blog. View our collection, a work in progress.

City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Talmage, California, USA

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Calla Lily / Arum Lily
Pink Sorrel
Soap Aloe
Common Snapdragon
Red Hot Poker
Columbines (group)
Sweet Alyssum
Seaside Daisy

Buddha Root Farm

Near Reedsport, Oregon, USA

See the full collection at Buddha Root Farm Collection

Common Foxglove
Dandelions (genus)
Sword Fern
Wild Mustard
Himalayan Blackberry
Plantains (genus)
Spruce Trees (genus)


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