Rose-scented Geranium

Scientific Name: Pelargonium capitatum

Fact Box:

  • Order: Geraniales
  • Family: Geraniaceae
  • Genus: Pelargonium
  • Species: P. capitatum


The rose-scented geranium is a pale pink flower that blooms in clusters. With an irregular shape and darkened “veins” on two of its five petals, the elegant blooms of this geranium stand out from its fuzzy and curly green foliage. The plant is considered a shrub, but it stays quite low to the ground.


Although the plant has small flowers, it has quite a variety of uses. It is used both internally and externally, including in teas, aromatherapy, and healing cuts or bug bites. From the name, one may think the flowers have a rose-like fragrance, but the scent is actually from the essential oils found inside the plant.