Seaside Daisy

Scientific Name: Erigeron glaucus

Fact Box:

  • Order: Asterales
  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Genus: Erigeron
  • Species: E. glaucus


Fringing the springy yellowish-green center of the flower are lovely lavender-colored petals. Underneath, fuzzy leaves resembling green felt ribbons curve whimsically like orange peels dried under the sun. These flowers and leaves belong to the seaside daisy, aka beach aster or seaside fleabane.

These plants are natives of the Oregon and California coast, hence the name “seaside daisy.” Found near the sand flats and dunes, the flower can live in dry areas and can spread over rocks.


Believe it or not, the seaside daisy is fire-resistant. This means that it will not likely ignite, making it an excellent ground cover in regions susceptible to wildfires. The flower is also salt-tolerant, drought-resistant, and deer-resistant.